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NEWS 2017
MOBILE HOMES LOGGIA "Parco Acquatico"!

3 slaapkamers, 2 badkamers..Ontdek Mobile Home!

Gegarandeerd fun onder de zon

Leve Mirabilandia en haar attracties


Big New 2016! Far West Valley is the thematic area thought for families and dedicated to the world of the Far West. With an area of 19000 m2, the Far West Valley is a real small town of the old West, perfectly recreated, ideal to have fun.

In addition to the many attractions that are inspired by symbols and characters of this adventurous world, here you can also find two playgrounds, Camp Sioux and Fort Alamo, where children can have fun with Cowboys and Indians.

In this area you can find the following attractions:









Adventureland is the real Kingdom of adventure! A thematic area for adults and kids searching for great emotions, pure adrenaline, fun. Here you can challenge your bravery among ancient Maya cities, huge temples of the ancient Thailand and the breathtaking rapids of Rio Bravo.

In this area you can find:





The real America, the one that everyone dreams about, now in Mirabilandia! Thanks to the thematic area Route 66 you can live the real American Dream!



Dinoland is the biggest thematic area of Italy inspired by the dinosaurs’ world inside an amusement park. With a 12000-m2 area of prehistorical land, Dinoland is an adventure that becomes an amazing time travel with tyrannosauri and velociraptors. An almost real travel, with 54 perfect copies of dinosaurs and a lot of fun for your children thanks to fascinating and original attractions, for example: Rexplorer, a rapid little train darting through canyons and caves face to face with prehistorical creatures; Brontocars, the special driving school to get the Jurassic Driving License; Monosauro, a travel among dinosaurs in a giant jurassic egg; Raptotana, 12 huge dinosaurs’ nests spinning fast, defying the passengers’ balance; Reptilium, 14  dinosaur-claw-shaped baskets going up to 3,5 meters and down and rotating around the pillar they are attached to; Bicisauro, the pterodactyl  you can ride like a bike. You can also go home with a fantastic photo with a 8-meter-high T-Rex, the Mirasauro.



Bimbopoli is the special area of Mirabiladia made for little kids: it’s one of the biggest kid areas in a European amusement park. At Bimbopoli the little visitors can find attractions for all ages: Carousel, a real handmade work of art, a wonderful two-level merry go round; Ottoland, a colorful playground ready to  be explored; Fantasyland, a mysterious “fortress” with plenty of tunnels and winding routes; Mini Rapide, when you can ride a log through a water route; Santa Fè Express, the small train which takes the kids on a funny tour of Bimbopoli; La Casa Matta (The Crazy House), a funny looking talking house that lifts its incautious visitors up; Leprotto Express, a roller coaster for kids, the first one in Europe for children from 3 years on, that makes them dart through a green garden in total safety.

Only the kids under 90 cm height can use the attractions of Bimbopoli. In this area you can also find a small theatre: The Mike And Otto Theatre.


Mirabeach is the water park inside Mirabilandia created to make you live the “Tropical Dream” on a magic paradise island. You will feel like you were sunbathing in the Caribbean or by the Red Sea!

Shores, Pools, Aquaslides, grass, cafés, restaurants and shops, Mirabeach is the perfect solution for those who wish to escape with their family from the heat of the cities in the summer weekends. The adults can rest, sunbathe and enjoy a day of relax, while the children or the adventure lovers can experience the thrill of our water attractions, to savour a real summer day.

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Legambiente Natura & Turismo TripAdvisor Certificato di Eccellenza 2015

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